Computer / Laptop Risk Check


We perform a check to see if there is anything harmful on your computer. At the same time, we try to speed up the computer/laptop in an attempt to make the device run smoother. Finally, we will check that the hardware is in working order and recommend any further steps to improve the system.

PC or Laptop Inside Clean Up


For a very cheap price we will use specialist equipment to remove any dirt and dust inside your computer. Sometimes by doing this, it can cool a device down, with the possibility of improving speed.

Data Transfer & Back up


Using Specialist equipment we can obtain data from old hard drives and transfer it to a memory device. We can also provide a backup of your current device.

1 to 1 Lessons



More to be found on the 

Lessons page (Click Here)


Part Replacement


Got a new part which you need fitting? For a cheap price, we can take your device apart and change it for you.

The Complete Computer Fix


Combining all the above services with a total of £60, we will provide a computer/laptop risk check, inside dirt clean out and a back up of your device for a reduced price.

Service not on the list?

We have only named a few of our most popular services. Worry not, because we provide many more services than what is listed above. Just send us a message and we’ll do our best to help!

A special thank you to our emergency services

Even before the COVID -19 pandemic we supported the emergency services. With this we provide 20% of our labour services and can be found on the blue light app.