Our delivery service:

When you think of getting your Tech repaired why do you imagine bringing your device to a shop?

The Technology Repair industry should be up to date but the practice of getting a device repaired is way behind… until now.

We have revolutionised the way in which a customer can get Technology Repaired.

Whereas before you would have had to bring in your device to a shop, now you can wait for it to be repaired from the comfort of your home.

Our System

So how does it work?  

When you submit a request on the form or give us a call on the automated system we’ll log a ticket.

We’ll then call you back and ask if you would like to use our delivery system or if you would like to continue the old fashioned way of delivering your item to us.

When you choose delivery we will pick a day and a time slot.

We will then attend your address and collect your item.

The item will be taken back to our workshop based from Wells, Somerset.

It will then get repaired following the repair process (more information on repair page) and once done we will call you to arrange a day and time slot to drop the item off to your address.

We accept both cash and card. We have a system which will allow you to pay when we attend your address, meaning you will never have to leave your home again if a tech problem occurs.

Our Service

What Services are included:

We don’t like to limit the possibilities of the Technology Industry.

Therefore we do the delivery service for every Computer Service we provide. Here are some examples: 


On all workshop repairs, we provide a delivery service for anyone within the local area. We can collect and return your laptop without you even having to leave home.

Computer Builds

Once we build your device, we will specifically come to your address and drop it off. Another bonus, is that we will also install and setup the device for you if that’s something you would like us to do at the time. 

Business Support

As part of our Business support package we can come onsite and make a repair without you needing to bring the device to us. We will assess and fix the problem on site and if needed we can take it to the workshop and drop it off again without you have to lift a finger!

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