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a personal touch to business tech support

Mi-Tech provides a special touch with their business support giving a personal relationship with the business to ensure all requirements and expectations are met. 

Call out services

We realise that sometimes Technology cannot be fixed remotely. At Mi-Tech we provide free call out services which are included in the business package. This means that we will attend the site to perform maintenance and repairs to keep your business running efficiently. 

Remote Call Service

Sometimes it’s easier to just resolve a problem with a quick phone call. We are able to talk to yourself or staff about how to resolve a problem and will be able to perform remote repairs without crowding your workplace.


Providing Serveral Business Services

Online Remote Support

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Call Out Service

Included in your service package, we will come to site, performing repairs, maintaining technology, and replacing out-dated tech.

Working with you

With a strong belief of building working relationships, we understand the importance of meeting your expectations. 

Business Priority

With our business priority you will be given exclusive access to a business support email where you can contact our team and get exclusive business support. 

Maintaining Technology

We make sure outdated technology is updated and upgraded where possible. Studies find that with updated technology business work rates are improved.

Exclusive Tech Discounts

We have a wide range of suppliers who can give discounts to business, which allows us to provide you technology at a reduced price. 

Types of Business Support

We believe in provided a service for any size business. Whether you work from home or have several employees, we can help your business improve. 


Single Person Businesses

It doesn’t matter if you work from home or have a small business. Everyone needs support and we aim to help facilitate basic support needs for your business. Get in touch and let us optimise your business Tech Support.

Medium Size Businesses

We are able to help support medium size businesses with updating technology, repairing and replacing older devices, optimising software systems and providing remote support fixes. 

Larger Businesses or Schools

Although we ourselves are a smaller business, we still have the capability to help large businesses grow and improve on their technology. Book in for free with a consultation to upgrade your technology and business practices.  


free consultation

Call Out Repairs

As mentioned above our call out repairs is a great service for your business. With this service we can come to site, build work relations with your colleagues and improve your general business practices. 

Part of the Call out Repairs allow us to inspect the current business Tech setup, look for improvements and repair problems on site. 

The bonus to this is should we find a problem we can bring it to the workshop, repair it and have it back up and working in no time at all. 

Remote Repairs

Another Business Service we mentioned above is our Remote Repairs. We appreciate that you may need questions answered quickly or sometimes just a small problem resolved. We can therefore answer questions on the phone or log onto your machines and resolve the problem from home. This is a great option for home workers as it means we can fix the problem quickly without any problems. 

providing a trusted service to our customers

I thought the only way to fix my dead laptop was to buy a new one. turns out if you speak to these guys they can diagnose, replace parts and repair for a fraction of the price. Look no further. 100% would recommend. Thank again.

What an amazing service! They managed to do exactly what I needed at such short notice and with great customer service. Would recommend these guys to anyone.

Can’t recommend a more professional business for maintaining and repairing computers/laptops, extremely helpful and polite staff that will always put you first and do a cracking job giving you the highest quality of service!”

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