PlayStation exclusives could be £70 to purchase soon!
PlayStation exclusives could be £70 to purchase soon!

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The big question PS5 owners have been asking themselves since launch day. 

It has been a massive talking point for the PlayStation community that not only do they now have a new and expensive console, but they also have to deal with even more expensive exclusives, at a whopping £70 a pop. The price rise is galling, exacerbated even more when on the other side of the gaming world, Xbox is practically giving away new and upcoming first-party and cross-gen titles, albeit as part of Game Pass. No one has been a bigger critic of the £70 price tag for Sony games than myself. In wanting to not support the hefty price tag, I held off buying a day-one game, but having finally relented, do I now regret doing so?”


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June 28, 2021

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