Scalpers sell out Metroid Dread Special edition
Scalpers sell out Metroid Dread Special edition

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As a gamer and a collector, I’ve enjoyed the various special editions of games that have been released throughout the years. Just looking into my crowded office would be an indication of this. Sure, they cost me extra to acquire, but I’ve felt they were worth it. So when I heard about the Metroid Dread Special Edition and that preorders were live, I jumped at the chance to pick one up. Except there was an added challenge that made things impossible. I’m sure most of you know what I am referring to. Yep, those damned scalpers who utilized their army of menacing bots and picked every store clean. And then promptly put them all up on eBay for double or triple the asking price. Yes, friends, all of the Metroid Dead Special Edition pre-orders are completely gone. Oh, and the amiibos too.”



Source: the outer haven

June 26, 2021

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