PS5 games are selling badly in Japan’s retail sector
PS5 games are selling badly in Japan's retail sector

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Now that stock is slowly becoming more available, the PlayStation 5 is selling much better in Japan. It’s still not particularly spectacular, but in terms of hardware units it has overtaken the PS4 and PS Vita when launch aligned, and is now catching up to the Nintendo Wii U. The latter may not particularly surprise you, but it was a source of many memes at the beginning of the generation.

The problem is that software is not selling well at all – at least not at retail, anyway. Obviously there’s important context here: Famitsu’s data – which this article is based on – only includes physical sales, so we don’t know whether these games are selling better digitally. Obviously, trends worldwide have slowly started to skew towards the PS Store, so that’s important context here.”


Source: PushSquare

June 21, 2021

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