Oppo takes Oneplus as a sub-brand in new leak
Oppo takes Oneplus as a sub-brand in new leak

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The relationship between Chinese smartphone makers OnePlus and Oppo has never been easy to discern. Over the years, OnePlus made considerable efforts to distance itself from Oppo, even though it was obvious that the phones from the two companies share some DNA. 

Now, it seems that this relationship will become a lot more straightforward: OnePlus will be a sub-brand of Oppo. 

In a note recently posted on company forums, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said that his company will “further integrate” with Oppo, giving it “more resources” to create better products and bring faster updates for its users. He did say OnePlus would continue to operate independently, however, so it was still a bit unclear just how tightly the two companies would be connected. “


Source: Mashable

June 21, 2021

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