Mario Party Superstars: all mini-games so far
Mario Party Superstars: all mini-games so far

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Third Party News (3PN)


The next Mario Party entry is due out later this year with Mario Party Superstars. Five boards from the N64 era are returning, and Nintendo is also bringing back a ton of mini-games from previous entries.

GameXplain has shared the lineup of confirmed mini-games thus far based on the initial trailer, Treehouse: Live footage, and more. Get the full list below. 

Mario Party 1

Mushroom Mix-Up
Face Lift
Handcar Havoc
Bobsled Run
Shy Guy Says
Hammer Drop
Bumper Balls (may be from Top 100 due to what’s shown in key art)
Slot Car Derby
Tug o’ War”


Source: nintendoeverything

June 20, 2021

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