How do you screenshot on a computer?

June 20, 2021

How do you screenshot on a computer?

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This article is for general use, whether you use a laptop or Desktop Tower, taking a screenshot is then same on all the steps below, regardless of the device (Apple Does not but we will explain this later as separate paragraph).


Being able to take a screenshot on a computer is actually a really easy process and there are multiple different methods to do just that. 


To start with, the best way to take a screen shot on your computer is to use the built in Windows functions which comes with most laptops and keyboards. If you’re on a computer and using a smaller keyboard you may not have this option but there are many other options if not. 


The PRT SCR Key (Free)

As we explained above most laptops and keyboards come with the ability to screenshot. The most common method is to use the PRT SCR key. It’s normally found above the back key or equals key.


Pressing the PRT SCR key will take a screenshot of everything on your screen, which means even the windows bar at the bottom will be included. This can sometimes be irritating if you have lots of tabs open on your internet or other applications. You can remove this by cropping the image. If you want to take a screenshot of a browser, press ‘F11’ which will minimise the tabs at the top of your screen and the windows bar below, giving you a clearer screenshot.


After you have pressed the PRT SCR key your keyboard will capture everything on the screen. You will want to paste this image onto a document or similar to view the photo.


If you have Microsoft word, open it and press CTRL + V (or right-click the document and click paste). This will put the screenshot on your document.


What if you don’t have Microsoft Word? Not to worry, if you don’t have Microsoft word, you can use the free equivalent that comes with Windows such as ‘WordPad’. ‘Facebook Chat’ or ‘Paint’. (You can find them by just typing the name into the windows search bar bottom left.)



 To save the image do the following methods:


If you’re in Microsoft Word or Wordpad right-click the screenshot image and click save the picture, from here you can save the screenshot to your computer. 


If you are using Paint you can hit the save button top left and save it as a JPG or PNG image. 


If you have any unnecessary bits on your screenshot you can crop the image by finding the photo on your computer, right-clicking it and click “Edit”. You will then be prompted with an option to crop the image and remove any unwanted features. 


That is method 1 on how to screenshot on computer or equivalent. 


*Note: If you have more than 1 monitor and it’s set to “Extended” then it will screenshot both screens*




Using Microsoft Word (PAID)

If you have Microsoft word you easily take a screenshot on your computer by using the inbuilt screenshot system. There are two methods to this. One which allows you to capture a screen (similar to the one above) or 2 a version similar to the below method, that allows you to clip your screen, capturing only a certain part. To do this navigate to the ‘Insert’ tab at the top. On the 3rd box along (under illustrations) you will see an option that says ‘Screenshot’. If you click this option you will be given two choices. The top box(‘s) are all the screens/applications open on your computer. If you click this it will capture that application in full, similar to the option above. If you click ‘Screen Clipping’ then you will able to drag part of the screen you wish to screenshot. 

The screenshot will then appear on your word document and you can perform the above steps of right-clicking and saving to keep your screenshot. 


Snipping Tool (FREE)

Our last method of how do you screenshot on a computer, if using the windows inbuilt software. Personally, this is my favourite method because it’s quick, easy and saves directly to your computer.

To use this method, you will need to start typing or press the windows key and search, looking for “Snipping Tool”. This will bring up an icon like the one below.

After you’ve opened the tool, click on “New”, which will bring up an option similar to the Microsoft Word document, that allows you to highlight, and drag and drop on the selected area which you want to screenshot. You can then click the save icon, putting the screenshot directly on your computer. 


As easy as that, you can now take a screenshot on your computer and may have learnt another way to do so. There are several other ways you can take a screenshot but these are our favourite and most simple methods of taking a screenshot on your computer. 

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