Is HP Better than Apple?

June 18, 2021

Is HP Better than Apple?


When you are about to differentiate between the two biggest laptop companies, you need to compare them by breaking things down. Apple Vs HP is one of those questions many users ask which specifies that both brands must be doing something right. If you are trying to decide between them, which one should you choose? Well, let’s have a look at both companies to see which is best according to your needs.


Apple is one of those companies that have grown exponentially in the last decade. Therefore, it’s fair to say that MacBook’s have become increasingly famous in recent years. It’s still true that the amount of sold HP laptops is more than MacBook’s.

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Some people overlook HP as a company because they are too busy selecting cheap brands like Acer, Lenovo, and ASUS. However, one should need to consider HP because they produce most premium laptops at affordable price. The brand was formerly known as Hewlett Packard, and they are making the bestselling laptops worldwide.

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The basic difference between both brands is their quality.




The Apple has the best customer service, and its laptops are ideal for a great user experience. On the other hand, HP laptops provide users better value than Apple in terms of money.




The apple will give you different color options, but the HP is a winner because of its unique style.



Keyboard and Touchpad:

The HP is ideal than Apple because it has a comfortable keyboard.




The MacBook has fast flash memory but a slow CPU, so the HP is better in performance.



Battery Life:

The apple laptops provide better battery life, and you can also leave the charger behind.



Final Words:

Given how these two brands’ laptops are, it’s best to call HP is a winner by a slim margin. It offers a more powerful processor, a better-looking design, and more ports. Therefore, based on our comparison, HP is the better choice overall.

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