How to Install SSD as Primary Drive?

June 15, 2021

How to Install SSD as Primary Drive?

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If your computer becomes slow to use, don’t underestimate the impact of installing SSD. When we compare it with HDD, applications load faster, windows feel more responsive, and also shut down/boot up quicker. The SSD as a primary drive offers different benefits as compared to the standard hard drive, and the installation process is also simple. If you follow the below-mentioned steps, the installation process becomes easy.

Installation Process

This process will be helpful for you if you want to install SSD as a primary drive.

  1. First of all, remove the sides of your computer’s case. Always ensure that you have access to the hard drive bays and motherboard’s SATA ports.
  2. Now put the SSD into removable bays or in a mounting bracket. After that, position the mounting bracket into a spare hard disk bay and secure it with the help of holes at the sides.
  3. Now connect the L-shaped SATA cable end to the SSD and the second end to the spare SATA port. If you are installing a new window, you have to disconnect the other hard disks inside your computer.
  4. Insert a DVD or USB with window 10 and switch on the PC. Now press the F12 key to see the boot menu and choose DVD or USB. Follow the instruction to install the SSD as a prime drive. After the installation process, you can now put the remaining hard drives back.

All your windows installations and old files are still on your old disk. You can copy your pictures, videos, documents, and music in their respective folders on SSD.


There are multiple ways to install SSD as a primary drive, so always try such method that is elegant and exhibits libraries features. Therefore, select most accurate way if you want to keep your file safe in the drive.

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