How to use my laptop as a monitor?

June 8, 2021

How to use my laptop as a monitor?

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Are you looking for some ways to extend your desktop display and want to use the laptop as a monitor? You have to consider some factors. It might be a simple process like connecting your laptop to a desktop with an HDMI cable, but in reality, it’s not as simple as it looks.


The HDMI port only works for display outputting, and it will not work as a video input for other devices. So if you want to use your laptop display on a monitor, projector, or TV, you can do so by connecting another display to your laptop. For this purpose, you either need third-party software or built-in features on windows.

Using Third Party Software

The best option to use the laptop as the monitor is adding a third-party program such as space desk. You just need to download the space desk on your main system and the space desk viewer program on your laptop if you want to extend your main system display.

Remotely connecting to your Desktop

Another option if you prefer, is to remotely connect to your laptop using a mobile phone. This requires either the use of screen sharing software such as teamviewer. This application will allow you to connect your phone to your laptop using the software and will mimic your phone usage to your desktop. Another software you can use is anydesk, which works in a similar way. This method can be used between a computer and your laptop but requires internet to do so. 



Connecting your desktop remotely from the laptop is a simple way that can be accomplished by using any third-party program. Additionally, TeamViewer is a straightforward method that can help those users who want to use their laptops as a monitor or a big-screen display. We hope that this guide will be helpful and you will be able to use your laptop as a monitor when needed.

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