Ultimate Review of the KFC Gaming Console

June 6, 2021

Ultimate Review of the KFC Gaming Console


The KFC gaming console is incredibly built in partnership with the cooler master. This sleek console is fitted with an exclusive and unique custom-built internal cooling system to discharge system heat outside the chamber. It ensures that the hardware of this device is kept at regular temperature by delivering the hot meal. In this blog, we are going to review some of its features to let customers know more about the KFC gaming console and its uses.

It Keeps Chicken Toasty

The KFC console has a chicken warming chamber inside it that is something no other gaming system provides. The heat formed by the KFC console is funnelled into a chamber that keeps the chicken warm. When you pair your warmer dinner with monster energy drink, it doubles the taste. So it’s an ideal thing to keep greasy food inside your system.

KFC console

Is the KFC Console Real? 

Some people doubt the KFC gaming console and think either it’s real or fake. Well, the KFC gaming console is real because KFC has entered into the gaming console war. Moreover, it’s the first-ever console that is going to hit the shelves soon. With the help of this console, you will not only be able to keep chicken warm but also enjoy playing favourite games.

Cost of the KFC Console 

There is very little information regarding the price of this gaming console. So you have to wait to know for some official reports of pricing by the company. However, it’s estimated that the console may not be as expensive as the Xbox series X or PS5. The console looks great with different powerful features and specifications like 4k visuals and 240 FPS gameplay.

    The Bottom Line

    Initially, many people termed it a marketing stunt. However, the company has promised to launch the KFC console sooner than people’s expectations.


    If you Missed the Trailer Check it out below: 


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