How long do Gaming Laptops Last?

June 4, 2021

How long do Gaming Laptops Last?


Feeling like your laptop is slower than a normal laptop when playing heavy games? It’s a fact that all gaming laptops eventually provide low performance and then give out entirely. However, gaming laptops can last longer than normal laptops depending upon the hardware quality and how you care for them. Let’s have a look at various aspects of gaming laptops to make things clear.

What Affects Gaming Laptop Lifespan?

The build quality plays a vital role in the lifespan of a gaming laptop. Aside from the structural integrity and quality of components, different parts can affect the overall lifetime of laptops. Here are some factors that can affect the lifetime of a gaming laptop:

  • The hardware quality
  • The use of a laptop
  • How you maintain or handle your laptop

If you are about to purchase a gaming laptop, always spend on a higher-end model.

The ways to keep your Gaming Laptop Alive

If there is one thing preventing gamers from high-end portable gaming, it’s the price tag. Therefore, the gaming laptops are particularly such investments that are hard for budget-conscious shoppers. You can expect your gaming laptop to last for three to six years, but the period can vary from model to model. However, you keep your gaming laptop alive with:

  • Careful handling
  • Regular cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • Changing battery charging habits
  • Taking care of HDD or SSD
  • Managing heat with cooling methods

Some things to consider

Always keep in mind some gaming laptop hacks to get more lifespan.

  • Install a good antivirus
  • Keep laptop protected from damage
  • Cover your laptops to reduce dust
  • Shut it down while not in use


    If you are about to buy a gaming laptop and want to take care of it, you can expect that it will last almost five years or more. However, if the hardware is extraordinary, it can last for up to ten years.

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