All you need to know about Gartic Phone

June 1, 2021

All you need to know about Gartic Phone


What is Gartic Phone? That seems to be an increasingly popular question on the internet at the moment as the game has overtaken some major games on Twitch TV and has generally been one of those games which come out of nowhere. We’ll cover what the game is and how to get it in this article so keep reading for more information on the Gartic Phone game.

What is Gartic Phone? 

It’s a browser game that became very popular this year (2021). The game concept is easy and involves a Pictionary type game where you draw a sentence that is given or copies an image or even makes up a picture for others to describe…. Basically, you draw allowing others to guess.


The game allows a maximum of 30 players in one lobby which makes it great fun for friends who want a quick game at a party. There are a total of 7 (2 more to come) present game modes in total with custom settings also available. The present modes are:


Normal: This is the standard game where you just draw between each player until you reach your last turn.


No Rush: This allows all players to complete their drawing and the timer only goes down when the majority have

pressed “Done”.


Secret: The drawings and writing are hidden during the game adding an extra level of difficulty.


Speedrun: As in the name you’re against the clock to draw as quickly as possible.


Knock-Off: This is the guessing game mentioned above where you need to copy someone else’s drawing.


Sandwich: This game mode keeps you constantly writing and drawing until the end of the game with no breaks!


Crowd: This is a quicker version of the game, giving each player fewer turns shortening the length of the game in


Alternatively, you may also be asked to copy an image and remember that image in detail, for some reason the game has become popular but it is free to play, so if you want to have a go then there’s no harm in doing so.

Gartic Phone

How to play Gartic Phone? 

You can play the game on IOS, and Android. It originally came out as a Desktop game but since the increase in popularity, you have also been able to play the game on the browser. It doesn’t require any hardware at all to down since it’s such a simple game. The downside to the game is that you will need to have an internet connection to play it. Have a go at this game as some people have found it very entertaining especially when you’ve had a drink or two! 

Gartic Phone
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