How to claim Fifa 21 Prime Gaming Rewards

May 24, 2021

How to claim Fifa 21 Prime Gaming Rewards


Can’t wait to get your hands on the Twitch Prime Fifa 21 Rewards? Neither can we! Once a month, you can get up to 9 Gaming Reward packs for Fifa 21 which includes a drop of 1x player of 4 OVR 83+ player items and 5x rare gold player items.

How do I claim Fifa 21 Prime Gaming Rewards? 

To claim your Fifa 21 Prime Gaming Reward you will need to have an active Twitch Prime membership. There are two ways to do this, you can either pay £7.99 with a 30-day free trial or if you are an Amazon Prime member you can signup and get Twitch Prime for free.

Once you’ve got Amazon Prime you can go to the crown icon as per the picture below.

You can then check all your monthly rewards, which is worth it because you can get some pretty expensive content for free! 


Then just navigate to the Fifa 21 section and once logged in click the purple button “Start your trial”. If you have an active version of Prime then you will be able to redeem the rewards after you’ve logged on. 

What’s included in Fifa 21 Prime Gaming? 

It’s pretty cool the content you can get from the Fifa 21 prime gaming rewards. Once a month you’ll be able to claim your rewards which is a free Fifa Ultimate Team pack worth at least £9.99 in real money! What’s included in your Fifa 21 Prime Gaming pack? You can get some of the best players from this pack which is a must-have for anyone wanting to upgrade their teams. The full breakdown is a drop of 1x player of 4 OVR, 83+ player items and 5x rare gold player items.

How do I redeem the packs? 

Don’t worry you can buy Fifa 21 for Playstation, Xbox, PC and even Nintendo Switch from either Amazon, EA Online Store or many other stores! Once you’ve downloaded Fifa 21 you can get your in-game content by linking your Fifa Account and going to Fifa Ultimate Team mode. If you’re a new player you will need to go through the modes new user flow but afterwards, you’ll be able to access the Ultimate Team home page. Then go to the store and select “my packs”, you will then be able to open your pack!

Remember if you have any other issues with redeeming your pack you can use this link to get support. Good luck with opening your packs!

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