The best way to Transfer photos from your PC to your iPhone, iPad or iPod

May 20, 2021

The best way to Transfer photos from your PC to your iPhone, iPad or iPod

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Being able to take photographs from your Phone and transferring them to a Windows PC can be difficult but once you know how to transfer said photos, the process isn’t that complicated. The question is how do you transfer photos from computer to iPhone?


There are a few ways to do this which we will list below.

1. Cloud Service

To be honest this is the easiest and best way to get all your photos across your devices. All you need to do on this is have iCloud downloaded and logged on. If you don’t want to use the Windows Store version of iCloud follow our article on how to download the application.


Once you have iCloud installed you will need to restart your computer. If iCloud doesn’t boot on a restart, then just press your “Windows Key” and type in “iCloud”. Click on iCloud and you will be prompted to log on.


You will now notice on your windows files that there’s an option saying iCloud Photos. Please note it may take a while for your photos to sync but once they have synced you will be able to view and put photos in this folder, which will share across devices. You will also need the internet to use this feature.


What if I don’t have the internet to access my iCloud photos on my PC? Don’t worry the below method is the Offline version.

2. iTunes Method (Offline Option) 

So you haven’t got internet but you will want to transfer photos from your PC to your iPhone, iPad or iPod?

(you can do this with Internet still) 


The first part of this step involves you having to Download iTunes to your computer. You can do this by clicking here.


Once installed, and logged onto your Apple Account you will need to have your USB cable ready to go. Once iTunes is loaded plug your apple USB (phone charger cable) into the computer and your phone, you will need to unlock your iPhone, iPad or iPod and allow the computer access when prompted.


Once connected you will notice a phone option appear like below, click it.


On the left-hand side of iTunes, you will see a list of options as below. Navigate your way to “photos” and tick the box which says “Sync Photos.”


You will then notice a drop-down menu saying copy photos from “pictures”, change the “pictures” drop-down to “select folder” and click your Windows Photo Folder.

If you don’t want all the folders in your photos to appear you can click “selected folders” which will give you a choice to select your folders.

Now go to the bottom of the screen with the colour bar at the bottom and click “APPLY”

itunes will start syncing your photos to your iPhone from your computer. To check it’s worked go to your “Albums” folder on your iPhone/iPad and you should see it. You will find that it can take time to sync.

Social Media Method

A less mundane method is to use Social media, which I call my social media hack. Again, it’s an option that uses the internet but if you want to quickly move 1-5 photos across then this is the easiest method. For this example, I will use Facebook. Open up Facebook messenger, attach the photos from your computer and send in a message to someone. You can then open the message on Facebook on your iPhone or iPad and download the images by holding them down. You can also use email to email the images to yourself if they are too large for Facebook or you don’t want the resolution to be affected. For larger items, you will want to use the above methods.

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