The best places for food in Dayz

May 20, 2021

The best places for food in Dayz


Dayz is a tough game that was made to test the patience and knowledge of a player when first introduced into the game. To learn the game in full can take hundreds if not thousands of hours to master and one thing which most new players struggle with is finding food. We’ve all been there when you start on the coast in the middle of know-where with nothing around and when you finally find a building the only thing inside is a book or ruined t-shirt. Don’t worry we understand the pain… after literally spending several playthroughs dying of huger here are some of the best places and methods to get food in Dayz. 

1. Dayz Vegetarian

I like to call this the Dayz Vegetarian diet, where you eat lots of fruit, vegetables and non-meat products to the point where you begin asking yourself when will it end? In Dayz Fruit and Vegetables are the best sources of food for any starting player. Depending on where you spawn you can normally find 1 or 2 Orchards that will have either Apple, Plum or Pear trees to select food from. Using this map, go to the filter section.

On here you will be able to tick anything that you want to show, for this example we will use Pear, Apple and Plum. You will then have to use either road signs to find your location and see where the closest Orchard / Tree is to you.

When you find a tree it will drop fruit, Fresh, Dried or Rotten. You can eat both Fresh and Dried fruit, we suggest keeping the dried fruit as it lasts longer although it doesn’t look appealing!

 If you can’t find any trees with fruit on making your way to a town and start looking in the greenhouses for food.

2. The Dayz Hunter 

In most towns, you will be able to hear a chicken or Cockrill making an annoying noise. You can also find rabbits, boar, sheep, goats and cows. Technically you can find a deer but good luck catching one. If you hear the noise of a chicken, sheep, goat or cow you can find, and kill them. To do this you will probably want a melee weapon of some sort such as a frying pan, or knife. You will also want a knife to skin the animals, knives can be easy to craft if you find 2 stone on the railway to make a stone knife. Once you’ve got the meat, get some tree branches, and place them in a fireplace of a house. You can also craft flint to make ignition and then BBQ the meat away! If you don’t know how to make a fire you can use this video below.

3. Dayz Scavenger 

    You’ve probably tried this method a lot by now but it is worth mentioning the common places to loot. If you are struggling to find vegetables/fruit or to hunt an animal then your next best bet is to enter some buildings and look for canned food. The best buildings to do this in are the ones which have supermarkets, or storage shelves. Stay away from Police stations, fire stations and hospitals as these generally have less chance of spawning food.

    4. Dayz Fishing

    This is probably one of the last resorts but depending on the server and the spawn rates that they’ve added you may be struggling to find any food by now. If this is the case we suggest 2 things. You can sometimes get lucky running along the coast and finding a boat with a fishing road inside. You will also need a hook but you can craft these from bones, either from other starving players, or animals will drop bones as well. You will also need to use a knife to get worms from the grass. You can also craft a fishing rod using rope and a stick, so if your lucky enough to get a fishing hook you can fish and get yourself some yummy food.

    5. Dayz Traveller 

    The last option is to hit the road and make your way into land. The coast in Dayz is where all the fighting and new spawns come. Everyone on the coast will be in the same situation as you wanting to get food therefore anything that does spawn will be gone. Sometimes it’s best to dye, wait for a good spawn away from the coast and then keep running in further land. The further inland you get the more chance you’ll have of food spawning as fewer players will be around and the ones that are will already have gear/ food.


    Tips: It is worth noting, if you want water, you can go to any water fountain in the game. If you are still struggling it could be the server you are playing on which has a low spawn rate for food. You can also use the video below to help with getting food.

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