How To Download iCloud Without Microsoft Store

May 20, 2021

How To Download iCloud Without Microsoft Store


So, you are probably using Windows 10 and want to install iCloud on your computer but noticed that Apple now want you to only download iCloud through the windows store. Fortunately, there is a way to get iCloud on your computer as an application rather than through the glitchy Microsoft Store.

What’s the better iCloud? 

To begin let us visit why you would want to use iCloud, not on the store. There are several different reasons for this but one of the most obvious options is the interface. iCloud on the Microsoft store is currently only at a 1.5-star rating, with several reviews saying:

“UNFORTUNATELY, THIS DOESN’T WORK – Doesn’t sync on Windows 10… some of my files uploaded but now everything is frozen and I can’t download the files that have been uploaded. I get Cloud server is an offline error. My PC is new and the install is pretty fresh still so no excuses.”

Another review says

“WASTE OF TIME FOR PC’S – Was working perfectly for some time then boom! Error message and Can’t use it now. Apple today amazed me as they put so much attention to detail in a phone but seem to have quit supporting iCloud.”

If that alone isn’t enough to put you off, then the actual application version is also a better choice due to its integration with Windows and its built-in features without the need for a Microsoft Account. To download iCloud with the Microsoft store on your computer just follow the below steps.

How to Download iCloud on your Computer without the Microsoft Store

To begin with, you will want to go to the apple support site and you will find a hidden link or not so obvious link to download iCloud without the Microsoft Store.

As shown in the picture below you will notice it says:

“* On Windows 7 and Windows 8, you can download iCloud for Windows on Apple’s website.”

However, a lot of users have reported that this is either broken or doesn’t mention Windows 10. It is worth noting that although it doesn’t say Windows 10, iCloud will work perfectly using this application and the only reason it says Windows 7 and 8 is because the Microsoft Store isn’t supported for those versions of Windows.


If you find that it still doesn’t work you can click here which will start the download link for you.

(An automatic download / Popup will appear)


    Hopefully, now you will have been able to download iCloud to your computer without any problems and realised why it’s best to stay away from the Microsoft store edition. If you want to know how to sync iCloud use our guide here which explains the photo procedure from Computer to iPhone, iPad and iPod.


    If this still doesn’t work your next best option is to get in contact with the Apple support team and hopefully, they will be able to assist you with any further problems you may have. Again, if they are unable to assist you can use our article to manually upload the photos across from iTunes to your Apple device.

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