How to unlink your Apex Legends Origin account from Steam in 2021

May 19, 2021

How to unlink your Apex Legends Origin account from Steam in 2021


So you may have read our last article about “Apex Legends: How to unlink your Origin Account from Steam” but realised that some steps either don’t work or the Developers from EA just won’t let you go through the support chat to unlink your account. Well after careful feedback from you all, we have updated our article on unlinking your Origin Account from Steam in Apex Legends.



To unlink your account you’ll find two ways of doing this. If you haven’t done so already we suggest you try our previous article which does still work for some players but if that doesn’t work you may find you’ll have a wait. The new 2021 process to unlink your Apex Legends Origin Account from Steam is easy but the downside is that you may be waiting….

Solution 1: 

As mentioned in our previous article, you can unlink your origin account from Steam by contacting the support team. To do this just follow the below steps.


  1. To start, you need to visit the EA Support site.
  2. The next step involves you choosing your game so for this fix: Apex Legends > then click the option to Manage my account > Account Linking > now click Contact option.
  3. On this page, you will see an option to fill in your account details and other support options. I would suggest live chat over telephone call as the live chat doesn’t have a long waiting time. After the agent connects, they will ask how they can help. Ask if they can unlink your origin account from steam on apex legends, hopefully, they will manually do this for you or show you to our solution 2. If they do you’ll go through a disclaimer regarding data loss, accept the disclaimer and you will then be able to open Apex Legends on steam, log into the correct account.
  4. If they don’t manually do this, move onto solution 2.

Solution 2: 

Although this is the new 2021 solution to help numpty gamers like ourselves unlink our apex legends origin account from steam, it comes with one slight problem. There is now a time limit as to when you can unlink your origin account from steam which varies per player. To see whether you’re eligible to unlink your Apex Legends origin account from the steam in the 2021 method go to your account.


Now go to the “Connections Tab” as per the picture below. You will see all your connected accounts with EA and one of them will be Steam. If you are eligible there should be a button that says “UNLINK” if this doesn’t show an option it will tell you when it’s available. At this point, there is no way to skip the waiting time for the unlink option other than to try solution 1 again.  


If the above solutions still haven’t worked for you then your only option is to wait for another fix from EA or to make a new Steam account to link your actual Apex Legends origin account with. Once we have more ways on unlinking your Origin account from Steam we will let you know but hopefully this has worked for you. 

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