How To Make A Successful Mobile Phone Insurance Claim

May 18, 2021

How To Make A Successful Mobile Phone Insurance Claim

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If you’ve chosen to pay a cell phone insurance policy, then a time may come when you want to claim on your insurance policy. Remember that the insurance policy doesn’t mean that you will receive your cash. It is not easy to get your money back, but don’t worry; we are here to help you.


Here are some useful tips for you that will increase the chances of getting your money back:

Know your policy

The most important thing to remember about your mobile phone insurance is to know your policy. The policies don’t cover all the things that happen to your mobile, e.g., cracked touch screen. Knowing your policy will save you time, and it will be easy to claim your mobile phone insurance.

It is better to know your policy term and conditions to avoid any mishap. Different insurance policies depend upon different cases; remember that you’ve already done the paperwork in the local police station if your phone is stolen.

Manage Time Well

The quicker you register your claim, the better you get it. It is because you want to get the claim as soon as possible, so never be late in filing your claim. Another reason to file early is that if your phone is stolen and the thief uses your mobile phone to call, your insurer will pay the bill. The insurer will include the phone call bill in the policy amount, so it is better to avoid this situation and file your claim as soon as possible.

Be Truthful

Be truthful while claiming your insurance because the insurance companies can snip your lie instantly, so don’t tell a lie. The insurance companies know the worth of insured things and can easily find either telling a lie or truth. If you failed in telling the truth, your insurance would be gone.

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