How to get Computer Clipart in 5 easy ways

May 18, 2021

How to get Computer Clipart in 5 easy ways


So you’re wanting to get Clip Art on your computer but you can’t find it. Firstly, you may be wondering what is Computer Clipart? In simple terms, it’s graphical work that has already been made requiring no actual design work to be done for you. The problem is how do you get Clip Art on your computer?


Well there are fortunately many websites out there to help get the best clipart, here are our top 5 easiest ways to get Computer Clipart. – Easiest ClipArt Website 

If you intend to make sales posters, flyer or social media posts, then Fotor is the option for you. Rather than having to make your own or find your own, the site comes with its ready-made templates but if you do want to make your own then you can click on the easily customizable option through the site. There is also the option to make your own!

The answer is easy with these 5 websites below that will have you using Computer Clipart in no time at all.

To visit Click Here. – Easiest Clipart Website – Most content for Computer Clipart

Freepik is one of the top Computer Clipart sites with vector graphics for designers and also free vector art, illustrations, icons and PSD for websites or banners. This is a great option for businesses or graphical designers.

To visit Click Here.

Microsoft Word – Paid but good Clipart

Using Microsoft, you can find loads of useful clipart options for Articles, Writing or Easay. To do this you can just go to “Insert” followed by “Online Pictures” or if you are using an older version of Word is will say “ClipArt”. This is a great option for an article but maybe not for graphical work. There is also the downside that it cost money for the application. – Vector Choice for Graphic Designers 

    Vecteezy is our top choice from this list for anyone wanting to work on Vector images. With a huge database of designs, for Free and commercial use you will easily find what you are looking for through the wide variety of content on the website. – Top Clipart Stock Website 

    If you just want Clipart for your computer with already designed stock then this is the site to go to. The website has a vast variety of content with already pre-made graphics for personal or commercial use.


    Hopefully after these 5 websites, you were able to find some useful ClipArt which you are now using on your very own designs. Computer Clipart is a very popular thing amongst Graphic Designers and can be used for both Social and Commerical use. It’s actually found that almost 80% of graphic work using Computer ClipArt. If you are still struggling to find Clipart after these websites, you could try hire a graphic designer to point you in the right direction. A place to do this could be Fiverr. 

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