How to Make Your Mobile Fast

February 26, 2021

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When you buy a new phone, the mobile speed is very fast in the beginning, but after the usage of a few months, you will realize that mobile is not working as fast as before. This not happens due to Android phones’ low price, but it can also happen to the best android phones.

Here are some useful tips and tricks:

Clean up Storage 

The LG 32UL500 would offer deep and vivid blacks, an immersive multimedia experience, especially in dark rooms. This impressive image quality is due to its unique vertical alignment panel with a high 3,000:1 static contrast ratio.
Even the 32″ sized displays offer excellent 4K resolution and provide sharp details and text. You will also get plenty of screen space due to its big size.

Software Update

While using your phone, always check for software updates in phone settings. Mobile phone performance can be improved by updating software. When your phone is updated, the speed became fast and smooth. Remember that updating your phone is a good habit; mobile phones update software for a better user experience.

Using Lite Version of Apps

Use lite versions of apps; different app developers have made lite versions of apps that require little space for their installation. The leading apps, like Facebook and Twitter, have launched their lite app versions.

Restarting Mobile Phone 


Restart your mobile daily this will terminate all background running apps and use the phone manager to clean RAM and junk files daily. Boost your mobile using phone manager. Optimize battery usage daily; it will improve battery life and phone speed.

Fewer Widgets

Use fewer screen widgets; using many widgets will slower the phone speed because it runs in the background. So always use a few widgets to improve mobile phone speed.
Turn off all connection mediums like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Hotspot, mobile data and location. By turning off these features, your mobile will be faster, and battery life will be extended.


If these tricks don’t work, then the final solution is to reset your phone to a factory setting and erases all the data.

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