Five Best Mobile Apps For Photo Editing 

February 26, 2021

Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash


There are hundreds of photo editing mobile apps available on the play store and apple store. There are three main types of photo editing apps; one for professional editors; secondly, the apps for lighter editing. The last category is for social media photos editing with some photo filters. 

Here are the best 5 of them: 

Adobe Apps

As we know, the Adobe app is the favourite choice of professional editors. Adobe has released many mobile apps for photo editing, including Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe Light-room and Adobe Photoshop Mix. All of them have a variety of features depending upon user requirements. It is free to use, but you to pay for the pro version.


PicsArt is another excellent mobile app for photo editing. There are a lot of features, including cropping, beauty filters, stickers, collage and text. It has a user-friendly interface.


Pixlr or Pixlr Express is one of the best mobile photo editing app. It has very easy to use tools, including filters, collage, cropping, and the most useful means of this app is a make-up tool. You can remove dark spots from the face and can make glowing. Moreover, it has a teeth whitener tool also. Its free version includes ads; you to pay for the pro version. 


Snapseed is also a trending mobile app. It was released some years ago, and it became trendy among editors due to its excellent features. The image can be tuned using different sliders. It is free to use.

Photo Lab Picture Editor

It is best for image filters; it has more than 600 filters and photo effects. Using the Photo Lab app, you can create awesome photos. Moreover, it is easy to use, and it has a user-friendly interface. You can make unique and outstanding images. It’s free to use, but you have to buy the pro version if you want to stop watching ads. 

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