What is the best laptop for students?

February 6, 2021

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Life at school or university will be very different this year; virtual classes have made the laptop essential for students. Being a student, you may need the best laptop to fulfil your needs, either it’s the study or playing games to relax.

Choosing the best laptop for students may feel like an overwhelming activity. Narrowing down your choices may be difficult after seeing so many good options. Students of today’s era may have their demands that need to be fulfilled. Therefore, we are here to help you out.

Points you must keep in mind before buying a laptop:

While choosing the best laptop for students, there are some essential points you must keep in mind. Laptops for students must have enough power to support the students while working; their features should also be good enough for research and school projects.

Although the lugging heavy notebooks around the campus all day is already a difficult task, the laptop for students must be light in weight. Also, having a good battery with a more extended backup will help the students not carry the charger the whole day.

You may be thinking that it is worth spending a little more to get some extra features with more power? Well, it’s a big Yes, because a high-quality machine might be worthy of spending more money on getting a better value.


Below is the list of best laptops for students.

Macbook Air (M1)

It is the best laptop for students with a flexible budget. MacBook Air is better than anything due to its excellent performance. Hence not going to be the cheapest option, but for those having a bigger budget.

Image credit: Techcrunch.com

HP Chromebook 14

The HP Chromebook 14 is not as powerful as other Chromebooks are, but this tiny laptop has its own deserved top spot in our list.

Image Credit: techradar.com

Microsoft Surface Go 2

Microsoft Surface is a good laptop for the students. However, it offers a bump in performance.


Image credit: Techcrunch.com

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