Dell or HP laptop, which is better?

February 3, 2021


The 21st century is the century of technological revolution and innovations. The world has been revolutionized with hundreds of innovations in the tech field. PCs were the ultimate machines until laptops came into the arena.
People are now more concerned about innovation and at the same time about portability. Laptops offer a portable working solution for computer users or even gamers.

Several brands took over the laptop market with their latest advancements. Dell and HP are the biggest laptop brands in this present technology world. However, one might be curious about which laptop would be better between these two brands.

So for this reason, we have brought this comparison article for you.

Dell Laptop

As an American brand, Dell is known for its technological innovations and producing great laptops. These laptops are offering great computing solutions for the Microsoft Windows platform.


If we talk about the design side of Dell laptops, we notice that they are not focused on design to a larger extent. They are mostly focused on performance.

Laptop Components: 


The components of Dell laptops are also leading in their competition. They are producing the finest working components in their laptops.


Their customer support is also impressive. So we are giving an edge to Dell laptops over HP.

HP Laptop

Hewlett Packard or HP laptops are top rivals of Dell laptops. They are producing top-notch working machines, and their laptops are no exception.



Design-wise, HP would take the lead from Dell. They are much innovative in their designing capability. They have produced some of the smart, sleek, stylish laptops.


Laptop Components:

Components wise, HP is a little bit behind Dell. Their components such as CPU, RAM and GPUs are slightly less efficient then Dell.


Support System:

In terms of customer support, they are never behind Dell. Their customer support is also exceptional.


Finally, we would suggest going for Dell laptops as a durable and robust solution. However, if you are looking for a sleek and stylish laptop, HP is the one for you.


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