Dayz Base Building Plus: Workbench

January 12, 2021


Following on from our last guide whereby we explained how to build a base on the Dayz Base building plus mod, we are now going to explain how to build a workbench and what you will need to do.


Note: The following is only for the Dayz BaseBuildingPlus Mod.

To start with you’ll want to head over to the Modder’s notes who has already listed a brief explanation in how to develop your base. You can do this here.

What are Dayz Workbenches?


The Dayz Workbench is the ultimate building tool for the Dayz Base Building Plus Mod. With the Workbench all setup you will be able to start building structures and other building parts. The difficult bit will be getting one set up and how to build a workbench but don’t worry that’s what we are here to help with.

How do I build a Workbench in Dayz? 

To build a workbench in Dayz you will need to have 1 log and 5 wood planks. To get these resources you will need to have either a handsaw or a hacksaw. Once you’ve cut down a tree using an axe or hatchet, put the log in your hands. Then using the handsaw or hacksaw, drag it onto the log where it says “COMBINE”. You will then be able to craft 4 wooden planks. Once you have got 5 wooden planks, put another log in your hands and drag the 5 planks to the “COMBINE” area, this time it will allow you to craft a workbench. You may need cycle through the craft options in able to craft this. Now you’ll be able to place the workbench in any area you’ve enabled construction. Don’t worry you can pick it up again.

What to do with a Workbench in Dayz? 

Having a workbench is great but you’ll now need to set this up to craft structures. For this, you will need to find blueprints and nails. Once you’ve got these items you can put them into the workbench seen in the vicinity tab. Now you are looking at the workbench press “F” and a craft menu will appear. You will need the Blueprint before the crafting menu appears and sometimes you may need to change position for it to work.


In case you want a video tutorial you can use the video below:

    If you missed our previous article on how to set up a Land claim kit, click here. You will need to do this before setting up the workbench.


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