Dayz Base Building Plus: Land Claim Kits

January 11, 2021


Dayz has come a long way since it’s original release in 2013. The game itself has since been worked on heavily with the addition of the Dayz Expansion, providing mods to the game and extra content.


One of the most popular mods’ since release has been base building, in particular the basebuildingplus mod. Although the mod is great to use, you’ll notice that it comes with a very steep learning curve but hopefully with these on-going articles, you will learn how to use the base building content in Dayz.


Note: The following is only for the Dayz BaseBuildingPlus Mod.

To start with you’ll want to head over to the Modder’s notes who has already listed a brief explanation in how to develop your base. You can do this here.

How do I build a base in Dayz? 

Building a base in Dayz is not as easy as it looks, coming with a steep learning curve. To start with you will want to find a bit of land which is suitable for where you wish to place your base. Remember to look at your Dayz server rules to check that you are inline with them. Some servers have rules as to where you can and cannot place your base.

Dayz Land Claim Kit

You will now need to search far and wide for an item called Land Claim Kit. Some server developers have made it so that you cannot build a base without one of these items. The land claim kit is an item which can normally be found in any shed type building.

How to use Land Claim Kit


Once you’ve found the land claim kit you will want to use it. To use this item, put it in your Characters hands and click to use it. You will then have a shadow of a pole, which will allow you to place this on the floor. Please note that you cannot place them within approximately 37 m of another land claim kit. Once placed on the floor you will have to look at the kit which will prompt you to enable construction. You will now be able to begin construction.

To learn what needs doing next, following our second guide on how to build a workbench.



If you wish we have a useful video below explaining the land claim kit:

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