My Bleeping Computer

January 2, 2021

Photo by Kamaji Ogino from Pexels


In modern life, everyone has a computer or laptop but where there’s so much capability there also comes a lot of problems and questions. One of those questions might be why is my computer bleeping?


Unfortunately, the answer isn’t always simple with a bleeping computer however, we have composted a list of the most common reasons as to why your computer might be bleeping.

What’s causing my computer to bleep? 

There are several reasons as to why your computer is bleeping but the most common reason would be due to a fault. Computers usually beep on start-up when a fault has occurred and requires a fix. Unfortunately, it’s not always simple and you may find that not all computers bleep when a problem arises but worry not, with the guide below we have a few common reasons as to why your computer is bleeping.


To start with, you must know that each bleep from your computer signifies something, so if it’s bleeping multiple times, each bleep will mean something different from the last. If you find that the bleeps are short then it’s most likely coming from the BIOS on the computer which occurs when a memory, cache or processor error is encountered. The following codes are common beeps associated with AMI BIOS’s.

1 Beep: Refresh Failure – Reseat or look at replacing the memory / Troubleshoot the motherboard.

2 Beeps: Partial error with the memory or motherboard.

3 Beeps: Memory Error (Normally the first 64KB of memory) reseat or replace the memory (RAM).

4 Beeps: Timer failure, troubleshoot the motherboard or replace the CMOS battery.

5 Beeps: Processor failure – Troubleshoot the CPU or motherboard

6 Beeps: Keyboard Controller Failure – Error related to keyboard either replace or unplug/look at the motherboard

7 Beeps: Virtual Mode Exception Error – Normally CPU or motherboard error related.

8 Beeps: Display Memory Failure – Graphics card problems or motherboard problem, try onboard graphics for GPU.

9 Beeps: ROM BIOS Checksum Failure – Replace the ROM BIOS or troubleshoot motherboard

10 Beeps: CMOS shutdown register failure, the motherboard of CMOS battery error.

11 Beeps: L2 Cache Failure – Troubleshoot the L2 cache or motherboard.

12 or more beeps: Memory or video failure – troubleshoot the memory, graphics card or motherboard itself.


Those are the most common reasons as to why your computer might be beeping. This can vary depending on motherboard make or model but most manufacturers will share the same settings regardless. We hope this answers your questions as to why my computer is beeping.

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