Why you need to Return your Samsung Galaxy S20 or Note 20

December 30, 2020

Image Credit: www.androidauthority.com


It has been reported that the new Galaxy S20 and Note 20 phones are the best phones on the market. You won’t make a mistake if you buy one of them or if you plan to buy one of them in the nearest future.


However, our team will advise you to return the phones as soon as possible. Why?


Simply because the phones are neither flawed nor busted. They are so perfect that you will adore them and never leave them from your side.

High-Quality Image

The LG 32UL500 would offer deep and vivid blacks, an immersive multimedia experience, especially in dark rooms. This impressive image quality is due to its unique vertical alignment panel with a high 3,000:1 static contrast ratio.

Even the 32″ sized displays offer excellent 4K resolution and provide sharp details and text. You will also get plenty of screen space due to its big size.

Samsung Galaxy S20 

First, you get a fast 120Hz rate together with a 6.2-inch screen. Second, you get 5G and it is not a secret that the newest mobile network generation brings bigger channels, the ability to connect to more devices, and lower latency.


Third, the phone offers high-spec cameras on both sides. Furthermore, the battery is big and able to boot and there is either 12GB or 8GB of RAM.


In contrast to its good features, the phone has an erratic fingerprint scanner, a feature not so favored and the price is higher compared to other 5G phones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 

If you take a look at this phone you will realize that it is similar to other Samsung Note phones. The S Pen is at the bottom, the screen is vibrant, big and the sides are squared-off.


Its screen is 6.7 inches and it is neither large nor small. The phone does not offer expandable software and the rear is made from plastic.


On the negative side, the users did not like the fact that this phone does not offer impressive cameras. Also, there have been reports that this phone is not a good value for the price.



    If you want the first 5G phone and at the same time you want a top-end camera, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is the right phone for you. It is also great for people on a budget.


    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is a great option as well but our team does not recommend it if you are on a budget.


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