The Best iOS Games in 2020

December 30, 2020


There are plenty of iOS games in the App Store right now but the only couple of them are the best. All three of them are different genres and each offers a different kind of fun and satisfaction.

The best Adventure Game 

A good adventure game will offer a chance to escape the unknown without death-experience, a narrative tale that is quite catchy, and a gamebook. The White Door offers that and more.


This game offers an amazing storyline that is filled with puzzles. It is also capable of awaking the emotional side of the player.


The player at the beginning awakes in bed in a facility. Right next to the protagonist of the game there is a schedule that must be taken seriously to receive long-lost memories.


The White Door costs 2.99 dollars and for that price, you can discover doors that are worth opening and horrors that are more than welcome.

The Best Strategic Game:

Game of Thrones was a massive TV success and thanks to that success tons of different games have been invented. Reigns: Game of Thrones is another GOT game but unlike the rest, this one is worth it.


There are many subjects in the game, and they are divided into enemies, armies, church people, village people, kings, queens, and more. You take care of their needs and desires.


The game is quite unpredictable, and you do not know what task you’ll get. There are plenty of surprises and depth to this game that requires the nature of your instincts. It costs 3.99 dollars and it is recommended for viewers and non-viewers of the show.

The Best Arcade Game: 

The best arcade games for iPhone offer action that leads to madness. Also, they require perfect survival instincts and efforts.


Octagon 2 is the best arcade game in the App Store. It is set in a tunnel or to be more specific, an octagonal tube. There are many holes present on the floor and you must avoid them. Thus, swipe sideways all the time.


This game has defined challenges but remembers that the levels it offers are algorithmically generated. The entire game costs 1.99 dollars and after purchase the mode is endless.


    These iOS games are worth playing and they have been rated as best. Each one offers high-quality features, it is quite impressive and offers a superior experience. Choose your genre and start playing.


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