The Best Android Games in 2020

December 30, 2020


People that do not prefer to play games on computers can finally enjoy a little bit more than they planned. To be more specific there are finally some Android games worth downloading.


Our team tried these games and decided that they are worth playing. Have a closer look at the shortlist with each of them below:

The Best Racing Game 

Both the female and male population enjoy good racing games. That is why the Google Store was smart back in 2014 when they introduced phone games.


Tabletop Racing: World Tour is a game that is worth downloading. The game involves small cars that circle around incredibly massive household objects.


It reminds me of Micro Machines and Mario Kart a lot. The game offers amazing, crazy opponents that force you to keep playing and winning.


The races included in this game are competitive and there are tons of upgrades available – free and in-app purchase.

The best Adventure Game: 

80 days takes you back to 1872. The game offers an adventure that is based on an amazing storyline worth playing. It has a twist and does not be disappointed after finding out that Phileas Fogg has the same attitude as before.


To be more specific, you must assist ser Fogg and make everything that is required to complete the journey across the globe in 80 days. The game is quite interesting because it offers to trade and managing belongings.


Be careful about the routes though, that part can be tricky.

The best Arcade Game: 

Jumpgrid is similar to Pac-Man in many ways but at the same time, it is unique. There are similar three-by-three grid arenas in the game and the spinning cubes serve as edges.


You should focus on the spinning cubes because they can lead you to the exit. Jumpgrid offers geometric death as well because there are tons of whirling slices.


The other thing that you should pay attention to is the shapes that appear on the screen all the time. To be more specific, there is a pinwheel and tons of blocky weapons ready to remove you out of the game.


    Each game offers free and in-app purchase features. All of them are equally good and you can be satisfied without purchasing or buying the whole game. You’ll have so much fun and you’ll finally fulfill your free time.

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