Is the New PS5 Worth It?

December 30, 2020


The people got what they hoped for with the new PS5 release. Sony’s newest release did not disappoint, and it offered more than expected.


The company did not disappoint because it offered the most recognizable things and the key parts that PS is known for. The device offers a never-ending gaming experience that is next-gen.


The future is bright for the company because it suggests that the upcoming projects will be even better. PS5 is not only powerful but well-designed as well. Let’s dive deeper into its features.

More than just a Device

The newest PS5 offers a simpler setup than before. There is also a new user interface and it can be seen that this interface has been well observed and well-thought-out.


PS5 offers a new controller that is said to be revolutionary. The fact that the PS plus members have bonuses available for them should not be neglected.


Without a doubt, PS5 offers impressive hardware. RDNA 2 GPU is included inside it and besides being custom made it can also offer 4K resolution.


16GB of GDDR6 memory and NVMe SSD are also featured in the device. What does this mean? It means that this machine contains amazing specs and it is worth it!

Is the PS5 worth it?

Do not hesitate to buy it. This applies even if you are still attached to PS4 games. That is simply because the PlayStation 5 is sort of a bridge between both devices. Every game that you played on your PS4 will be available as soon as you log into your PSN.


Another thing that makes this device worth it is the lack of loading screens. You won’t wait for games to start up anymore. Furthermore, it offers higher frame rates.



Remember that the new PS5 is a serious next-gen gaming device. It can bring you a never before seen experience that is fresh, satisfying, and fast.

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