3 Good Games still played in 2020

December 30, 2020


It is impressive how much the gaming world has evolved. The games today are immersive, detailed and they offer never-ending fun.


Every single game in 2020 improved the imagination and offered new possibilities for the virtual world. Also, the games in 2020 were extremely challenging, a feature that is highly required among gamers.


Here are 3 Games which were released over the last few years but still came out in high demand. Although the other games were okay, these following games offer visual magic and countless hours of fun with their gameplay.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt 

There is no doubt that this is the best classic game in 2020. Also, there is no doubt that this game will lead in the upcoming 2021 as well because of its high in-demand features.


This is one of the best open-world games on the market and it is quite impressive with the content it offers. Users claim that the game is not only dense but deep as well.


It is highly intimidating, and the users want to play it because it is highly rewarding. The Witcher 3 will take you to many different events that require unalike emotional responses.


The game originally released in 2015 and has become increasingly popular recently due to Netflix’s Witcher Series. According to Steam charts alone the game had a maximum of 103,329 in January with a total of 532,424 players in the whole year of 2020.


Thanks to its amazing creative team, Control has taken the gaming world in one breath. There are many things to love featured in this game and the details are truly amazing and require close attention.


Control is a cinematic game with action-adventure features. It offers environment design and offers brilliant performances. The combat experience is on another level here – a truly never before seen feature.


The storyline revolves around Jesse Faden, a quite capable madam that is trying to locate her missing brother. There are paranatural features and the FBI is also involved.


The game released in August 2019 and although not as popular as the Witcher, it has held a concurrent player basis of 9,193 in August 2020. 

Dark Souls 3

Unlike other parts that got tons of negative reviews, Dark Souls 3 offers new, improved content that is worth your time. It is not a secret that there are Bloodborne elements included as well.


The game is good, and it requires a lot of patience. If you think that you won’t die more than once you are lying to yourself.


The world is fantastical, and it is quite optimized. There are a lot of things that this apocalyptic world offers, and you should not miss it.


Dark souls originally release in 2016 but that hasn’t stopped it becoming one of the more popular games of 2020. In this year alone Dark Souls 3 has had an all time peak of 129, 975 players and in 2020 alone it’s had 230,134 players, which isn’t bad for a 4 year old game! 


    There have been many games in 2020 but out of the ones released these old time classics have still had thousands of players per each month. Out of all the old games released, we have chosen these for their visual magic and countless hours of fun with their gameplay. All statistics were taken from Steam.


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