When to Hire A Staffing Agency

December 28, 2020

Photo by Edmond Dantès from Pexels


Before hiring one, companies must understand what are staffing agencies and when they should be hired. Staffing agencies come into a plan when clients all over the world are not able to fight the right talent for the open job position.

Staffing agencies come into play when companies lack organization and do not know where to start finding the talent they need.

Of course, it is important to mention that not every company needs a staffing agency. If your company has one of the upcoming situations, then the time for a staffing agency has come.

Concerns about money

We all know that talent management teams or talent acquisition departments are responsible for finding the right job candidates. Unfortunately, some companies do not have them. 

Those companies haven’t developed such a department or team because of their finances. To be more specific, they are not able to maintain and pay an HR department. These corporations or companies are usually small ones.

In this case, a staffing agency is highly recommended. They offer amazing talent management and HR services.

Special Performance 

Positions like CEO, HOD, Director, etc. are always hard to find. These managerial positions are the hardest to fill and you need a staffing agency for two reasons. 

First, staffing agencies know where to find managerial employees. Second, they know how to convince these people to live their current position for something better.

Positions that need hiring ASAP 

Hiring is a long process and it can be even longer when it comes to a position that should be immediately fulfilled. A lot of companies face withdrawal from clients if they lack a person responsible for the job.

Staffing agencies can help here because they know where to seek and immediately fill the open position. They often even obtain profiles and resumes for the high-in-demand positions and they can find you a person in a day or two.


    Staffing agencies should not be mixed with the internal talent management team and they should not shadow them as well. Staffing agencies should be a backup plan when the written reasons above take place.


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