The Future of Management

December 28, 2020

Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels


The global pandemic has changed a lot of things for companies. Nobody expected the outcome, and no one knew that the pandemic will last for more than a year.

“The new normal” is the phrase that circles companies since the beginning of the pandemic. To be more specific, it explains the current working environments – our homes.

Yes, a physical office or work location is no longer an option so corporations all over the world started working remotely. Therefore, remote work has brought tons of challenges for managers.
Without a doubt, working remotely has spiked productivity. But, can managers control and monitor their employees remotely as well? Indeed, and here is how.

Establish a remote working Policy 

The earlier you decide to implement remote-work policies the better. Think about the things that should be allowed and should not be allowed. 

Write down what is permissible and what not. State that these policies must be respected and that negative points follow if someone decides to disrespect them.

Set specific deadlines 

As a manager, you should implement deadlines not only for important but for also less important tasks. This will indicate that you are serious and that the focus should not be decreased.

Setting a deadline is good for employees because they will be focused throughout the whole process.

Be transparent 

This means that you should set up a clear workflow. Also, this means that you should implement transparent goals. 

State what your expectations are and do not close yourself for feedback. Communication is key and your employees should know what exactly you want.

    Do regular check ups 

    You can start with end-of-day reports. Request reports from every employee and summarizes their accomplishment. 

    In this way, you will gather some insight information and you will easily spot the growth opportunities.


    The new normal is here and is not going anywhere. That is why you need to adapt to it. Managing a team remotely is not an easy task but it could become less challenging if the right tools are used.

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