Elon Musk Says Apple Refused to Buy Tesla

December 28, 2020


It is not a secret that not long-ago Apple revealed Project Titan or to be more specific, “Apple Car”. This piece of information triggered Elon Musk and on his Twitter account, he revealed something extremely interesting.
According to Tesla’s founder, there was a discussion between him and Tim Cook that involved Apple buying Tesla.

Apple refused to buy Tesla

According to Musk, during the Model 3 program, or as he says during the darkest days of his life, he reached out to Tim Cook. Musk wanted to discuss the future of tesla and he wanted Apple to buy Tesla out of him.

Tim Cook refused. He did not want to meet with Elon Musk and he also did not want to buy Tesla. This is an unexpected behaviour from Cook because it is known that Apple has been focused on developing self-driving AI for a long time. 

Apple’s future will not collide with Tesla’s future

The tweets that Musk wrote revealed information about the future of both companies as well. According to him, there won’t be a collaboration between the two projects. To be more precise, neither Apple nor Tesla will offer knowledge on self-driving tech.

The situation is that bad that sources close to Apple reveal that the company is ready to sell or license the technology than collaborate with Tesla.

Musk is not optimistic about Apple’s vehicle project

Elon Musk supports Apple’s idea and wants them to succeed and successfully deliver the vehicle he already delivered. However, he thinks that Apple won’t succeed and won’t make their ideas real because they are working on a “monocell” battery. 

According to him, that is “electrochemically impossible” and suggested that they should work on tech that is similar to Tesla’s battery. 


    Apple’s vehicle plans are scheduled for 2024. Their goal is far, and a lot of things could change. Until then, people wait for their official response on the topic and Musk’s comments.


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