TikTok Users Get Free Apple Music For Four Months

December 24, 2020

TikTok and Apple: 

TikTok has been a well-known application over the past year and it continues to grow. It’s a platform where people can show their talents in a maximum 60 seconds video. There is no limit, people can do whatever they like. We’ve seen young artists, singers, dancers, teachers, and many others getting popularity through this app. Meanwhile, Apple this year launched its iPhone 12 series, which has received an overwhelming response. 

Tiktok coming in mainstream media: 

Even with the United States debate going on, TikTok has pretty much become a new name in mainstream media. The short video sharing app has fascinated not just thousands if not millions of users but also brands that want to jump into that huge pool of prospective consumers. Those sometimes come in sponsored content or even advertisements but there are also other advertising partnerships available, such as this new association with Apple Music that will give new subscribers a great offer.

TikTok users get a free four months of Apple Music: 

Apple is now offering TikTok users free Apple Music Trial for four months straight. All they require is to subscribe to TikTok through App Store on iOS. At this time, Apple Music comes with three months of the free trial, and you get another month free for subscribing to TikTok.

Apple is recognized to run several advertisings for its services like Apple Music. Recently the firm offered six months free Apple Music trial if you subscribe through the Shazam app. Moreover, the company is greatly promoting its hottest Apple One service package across iOS.

Qualified users will see an in-app notification on TikTok. You must click on the notification to get free four months Apple Music trial. Please note the deal is offered only for new Apple Music subscriptions. In other words, if you are a current subscriber or have used Apple Music before, then the deal is not for you. The campaign highlights Apple Music Playlists that contain viral TikTok music.

There is no particular trigger to start the offer on TikTok. Nonetheless, many users have stated that the notification pops up at consistent intervals and is offered to all TikTok users. The offer must be accessed with a valid Apple ID that has a registered payment process. Since Apple says the subscription charges will be taken automatically after the trial is over. You can choose to withdraw from the trial at any minute. Or else, Apple will charge you at the end of the trial period.

It’s unclear if there’s a way to force the Apple Music advertisement in the TikTok app to get the offer or if users are casually selected. The promotion will last until January 2021 and is valid for numerous different countries.
To get the offer, you have to be fast. Hurry and download the TikTok app from the App Store to register yourself. As we’re already past the mid of December, there is not much time left.

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