Elliot comes to Playstation

December 24, 2020


The game Elliot takes us back to the original and classic 2D platformer style with it’s inspired 16-bit classic game style. The game itself is designed for hardcore players and although it may not look like the type of game whereby you get stuck in for hours on end, this game will soon have you at its grasp thanks to the addictive classic play style it features.

What is Elliot? 

The game has 60+ levels whereby you have to solve the mystery of the surrounding World of Elliot, Manuel and Mombas.


The main character is the blue ball and is the main character in the game. He belongs to the race of Momba, a wild, free, musical creature. Alongside Elliot, you have his friend Manuel and together you look to get through the multiple levels of the game.


The game itself is made up of 60 plus levels and has 11 chapters in total. The hardest part isn’t the platformer itself but mostly the stress and frustration that all the levels bring. The game is a great game to challenge your friends to and is also designed for speed running, where it even has it’s own specific mode for this purpose.

How much is it and how do I get it? 

Elliot originally came out on Steam on the 19th July 2020 but has now been announced for the release of PlayStation as well. From the 24th of December 2020, the challenging game Elliot was released on Playstation 4 but can also be played on Playstation 5 with the latest software update.


To get the game on Steam you have to pay £7.99 or £10.98 if you want the OST edition with the soundtrack. Whereas for PlayStation you can get the game for £4.99. You can view the game in the PlayStation store by clicking here.


Alternatively if you missed the trailer, we have added it below:

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