The Best Gaming Mouse in 2021

December 19, 2020

Image from Logitech


Today’s best gaming mouse has nothing to do with the first-ever invented gaming mouse. Indeed, it has come a long way – from one coloured block to a device ready to increase the pleasure while gaming with every click, movement, and scroll.

It is a fact that today’s market is filled with different gaming mice. They are all unique and they all have their purpose. Of course, there are a few some which stand out from the others.

The upcoming mouse, followed by two alternatives, is the best gaming mouse for the upcoming year. The three of them increase gaming satisfaction a bit more than usual and offer the player exactly what he or she wants.

Logitech G205 Lightsync

Logitech G205 Lightsync mouse is the best choice for many people not only because of its features but also because of its price as well. It is quite better than a standard gaming mouse and excellent for those on a budget.

Its design is slick, and it offers great performance among everything else. It is important to mention that it reaches 8000DPI. It is also recommended for everyone interested in gaming, the newbies as well.

Furthermore, it has three-zone RGB lighting and it is easy to touch.

Corsair Iron Claw RGB 

Corsair Ironclaw RGB is recommended for those with larger hands but it fits those with average hands as well. It feels wonderful on touch and it points with high precision.

It has 18000 DPI and it can offer you anything you need. Interestingly, its inches per second rating equals 450. That means it is one of the highest in the gaming field.

However, let’s not ignore the fact that this mouse is heavier than the rest of them. It equals 130 grams.


Razer Viper

Many people ignore this mouse because of its appearance. To be more precise, it looks a little smaller than the rest of them because it is made for those that have smaller hands.

It weighs 61 grams and it is 118mm/ 62mm in dimension. Yes, it is one of the smallest mice in the world.

Do not be disappointed. Besides looking extremely attractive, this mouse brings a DPI of 8500, 6 different programmable buttons, and an amazing cable. To answer the question, you probably have – yes, it makes your gaming wishes come true.


    Each mouse is different, and each mouse offers brilliant features and amazing design. It is entirely up to you because the performance is equally good and it won’t leave you broke. 

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