December 19, 2020


In today’s generation creating new words, meanings and slang terms are a common theme which is becoming a modern practice amongst young people. As you get older you will suddenly find yourself out of tune with the younger generation and hear new slang or terms that you’ve never heard of.

What’s the meaning behind the term “NEW PHONE, WHO DIS?”

The term “New phone, who dis?” has become a popular saying amongst young people but what does it mean? The term has quickly become a meme and is now used to avoid unwanted conversations or questions through message. This is done by pretending to not know who is on the other side of the phone/ message. The term itself very quickly grew and is now used in Image Macros, Music Videos and many other comedic sketches. 

Where did “NEW PHONE, WHO DIS” come from? 

The term “NEW PHONE, WHO DID” originated from a single person, just like most memes. It was August 18th 2009 when Twitter user @JeffCL tweeted “I got a new phone who dis” after receiving a text from a deleted contact.  

Why had the term become so popular? 

The term itself very quickly became a popular saying after being used in an American TV show “TWO TO ONE” whereby a Character called Mindy uses the now-famous line.


The term was used once again in August 24th 2014 by comedian Seth Meyers whereby he used the line as a joke saying: “When I got in touch with them and asked if they’d like to help me with tonight’s monologue, they both jumped at the chance to write back: ‘new phone, who dis?


After these famous encounters, many individuals started using the phrase in other jokes and from here the line became history whereby it’s now been used in multiple jokes in time.

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