How to connect two monitors to a Laptop?

December 19, 2020

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The use of multiple monitors has been around for some time and has become an increasingly popular thing to do for businesses as the recent demand rises. There are multiple advantages to several monitors, whether it’s for Gaming, Leisure or Business but how do you connect two monitors to a laptop?

What you’ll need: 

In order to connect your laptop to a monitor, let alone two you will need some equipment. Not to state the obvious but you will need two monitors. The next thing you’ll need is two power cables for the monitors, you may need to look into an extension lead if you only have 2 wall outlets as several monitors will increase the number of socket usage. 

You will need to get the correct cable to connect your laptop to your monitor. There are several types of cable connectors from VGA, to HDMI, to DP to DVI. It is important that you know the difference and what cable you require. 

The next and important step is to make sure your laptop has a connector port. Most laptops will have either a HDMI, DVI, DP or VGA connector. However, it is important to note that NOT ALL LAPTOPS HAVE CONNECTOR PORTS but don’t worry we will come back to this in a minute. 

Once you know your laptop connector type you will need to ensure you have the right cable for the right outlet. 

What if my Laptop Doesn’t have any HDMI or VGA connectors? 

 If you’re running a chrome book or even a modern slim design laptop you’ll probably find yourself without an output source on the laptop. There aren’t too many ways to get around this but the easiest way is to get a Male to Female USB to HDMI (Or VGA) connector. The downside to this is that it takes up a USB Slot although you can get USB extenders for this as well. Unfortunately, until they make more wireless displays you will be unable to connect your laptop without the USB cable being used. 


The second choice would be an HDMI Switch but most of these will only allow you to run 1 monitor at a time so be careful what you choose. This option is usually if you want to connect multiple devices to 1 screen but there are some which are designed to run two monitors from 1 or more devices. 


Our final option is an HDMI Matrix.  This device is great but a lot more expensive than the other options. This is a more complicated option but does provide a great choice as it can be used to receive and output to multiple devices.

Out of the 3 options listed above, we would personally suggest an HDMI splitter but if whatever reason you want to be different you can use the other alternatives listed.

Connecting your laptop to Two Monitors

Now you have all the right equipment the time has come! Once you’ve plugged everything in you can look to connect the laptop to the monitor. Most of the time your laptop will automatically connect but if for whatever reason it doesn’t you can just right click on the desk, go to Display Settings and you’ll be able to see all the screens connected. If for whatever reason the screens don’t show make sure to check the power and that all the cables work.

Hopefully, you will now have learnt how to connect your laptop to two monitors. If you find that you don’t have an HDMI connector but are using a VGA or similar, you can get adapters such as VGA to HDMI adapter.

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