Beneficial Recruitment Methods and Tips To Improve Tech Hiring

December 19, 2020

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The tech industry requires new talents all the time and lately, the process has become highly difficult for them. There are different recruitment methods available for tech hiring and it is safe to say that HR managers have tried them all to find the best candidate for the job.

Bringing a new addition to the company is a vital part especially because that special someone will contribute and enhance the business in a short matter of time. According to some HR specials, here are the most beneficial recruitment methods and tips that have to be implemented when hiring new tech talent in the US market.

Social Media

The traditional methods that included newspaper advertisements, local recruitment postings, and agencies are not as beneficial as they once were. The search for potential candidates has shifted to social media. HR recruiters find the best potential candidates on the platforms.

Money plays a significant role in why social media are popular in this niche. Without a doubt, it is the most inexpensive way to find candidates who will fit your company in the shortest matter of time.

Not only LinkedIn but Facebook as well, have communities and special “jobs” sections on their main pages. Potential candidates submit their resume and qualifications there.


According to US HR recruiters, CTS or candidate tracking system is another “must-have” element that every company and recruiter should possess. CTS allows them to track their candidates from the start until the end of the recruitment.

Furthermore, it helps recruiters to see where their candidates come from and give them data. The data is relevant because it gives recruiters information about the candidates’ social media, careers, job boards, and more.

Candidate Communication Encouragement

Communication is the key and that is why recruiters should start and continue communication with candidates throughout the entire recruitment process.

It is important to remember that tech talents are rare and that the candidates are probably offered multiple other positions as well. To simplify, they won’t wait for you if you decide not to reach them.

    Short and Relevant Skill-Test

    It is not a secret that this subject raises questions and disagreements. Many developers complain that the screenings and interview processes that include tests are useless and unproductive

    Regardless, businesses continue to implement them and give them different coding tests. US recruiters support the coding tests but advise other recruiters to make them short and to include relevant content.


    Tech hiring will continue to be challenging but according to the methods and tips above it can become significantly easier. Start to look at other market leaders and observe their moves. Remove what does not feel right to you and implement what feels good for the company.

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