4 Reasons For The Downfall In Optical Disks

December 14, 2020

Photo by Chris Yates on Unsplash


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1. Less Space

The devices like laptops are becoming smaller, thinner, and lighter and so are tower PCs. A typical optical drive is five-inch in diameter, and that’s a lot of space to give up on. Even though the size of optical drives’ has dramatically decreased, many laptop manufacturers have opted not to include them to conserve space and utilize them for batteries in portable devices and cooling hardware in tower PCs.



2. Limited Storage and Lifecycle


The available storage capacity for a regular DVD is 4.7GB. The largest possible capacity is 128 GB in a disk called Blu-Ray Disc, which is expensive, compared to the currently available options like flash storage.


Also, these disks were meant for read-only purposes. Even though some disks supported the re-writing of data, but were limited to few cycles. These limitations made them completely unusable when alternatives like flash storage allow for the unlimited cycle of reading and write operations.

3. Compatibility

To prevent digital copies from eating into sales, manufacturers introduced changes to make the format more resistant to illegal duplication. As a result, some newer discs can’t be played with older players. So, users often needed to upgrade their hardware frequently, which made these disks hard to use.


4. Fragility

The optical drives are fragile and prone to data loss and corruption. These disks are made of plastics, which get scratched easily, and these scratches caused trouble to the disk drive and led to data corruption. A lot of work was put into improving the plastic layer, but there was still a fear of data loss and so people opted for alternatives.


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