5 Reasons To Learn Code

December 11, 2020

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What is coding? 

Putting in simple words, Coding is just a way of communicating with computers, and similar machines. It’s merely a means to communicate with a machine.

We often signify Coding as an art, which is comprehended by computers but crafted by humans.

Computers, like us, also have many languages, and they are called the programming language, and there are plenty of kinds of them. With them, stuff like apps, games, webpages, etc., is built. Like us, they also have some rules, and both (humans and computers) of us have to abide by those rules.

So why should young people learn to code?

5 Reasons to learn code: 

1. Problem Solving:

It helps and teaches to problem solve. Coding is engineering, and engineering means problem-solving and understanding what happens backstage. Understanding computers and learning even the basics of basic coding will allow and push children to understand the working of things around them. Though he/she might be trying to understand how computers are doing this and that, coding by nature pushes the development of such sense.


Knowing how things work is the half solution of a problem, and logical and creative thinking solves the other half. Young brains learn and adapt to things more quickly than an adult’s brain does. Therefore, it will prepare those young brains to solve the problems of machines and real-life too.

2. Coding is about how to think, not what to think.

Coding will make a young mind a better problem solver. It also trains the brain about how to think, rather than what to think. It allows them to be creative, as it provides room for making mistakes. Eventually, Coding is about making mistakes. It is about producing a crazy and vague idea. But then it teaches to polish those ideas through their creative thinking. Coding helps develop this way of thinking, and these types of thinking skills are highly sought after.

3. Coding boosts accomplishment

 To reach a goal while building a program or app, doesn’t require decades and years of work. Instead, it just requires making a commitment to that work. Every line of code written is another victory won, which is great for gaining an understanding of accomplishment. Similar to how lakes are made of drops, so are apps. Every successful line of code written is another step on the ladder to reach the ultimate goal.


The advantage to learning code is that you or a young person will gain an understanding that there is more than one way to resolve a problem and even if a method of coding doesn’t work, you will gain the experience to overcome this, which later can be used in other life scenarios. 

4. Technically, coders are the rulers.

Today it is impossible to go more than 60 seconds without interacting with some type of software.

Our society runs on software. It wasn’t like this before, but it is nowadays. Internet and Computers have become a basic need for this generation. Therefore Programmers (coders) are too! The early exposure of young brains to Coding and the functioning of this modern age will allow us to build the next generation, which will be educated in a more practical way. The faith of society will soon be their responsibility, and it’s our responsibility to educate them about their responsibilities.


    5. Coding is fun

    Last but not least, Coding is fun! Though it sometimes becomes frustrating and annoying to deal with bugs and errors, Coding is still a great activity. It’s another playground, full of stuff to see and play around with. Like physical games, which will build and strengthen their physical fitness, Coding will help them with mental development. It will allow those young brains to develop both hard and soft skills. It will also teach them practical knowledge that they can apply to other aspects of their lives today or sometime in the future

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