What is my WhatsApp number?

December 7, 2020

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Using WhatsApp

To use WhatsApp you will have to have downloaded the app on one or more of the compatible devices. You can download Whatsapp on one of the following devices:

– Apple iPhone – To do this you can head to the App Store and you’ll be able to download the app for free.

– Andriod Phone – For example a Samsung or Sony phone will be able to download Whatsapp using the Playstore, again this is free to do so

– On a Windows Computer – Originally you could only have WhatsApp on your phone but thanks to it’s growing popularity you can now download Whatsapp on your computer.

What is my WhatsApp Number? 

This is the number which is assigned to WhatsApp, whereby people can call or contact you from. Unlike other common Apple’s iMessage, Whatapp doesn’t always associate your number with the one on your telephone. For example, if you are on a phone contract with EE or O2 and your number is 07500000000 then this can be the number associated with the Whatsapp account.


However, sometimes this number doesn’t always link with Whatsapp the correct way and can be the wrong one. Alternatively, if you have changed the mobile device/phone number then the number may not transfer across, therefore you will have to change it.

How to check my Whatsapp Number? 


To find out what the Whatsapp number is following the below steps:

1. Open Whatsapp

2. On the bottom right of the screen go to “SETTINGS”,

3. Tap your profile name (example “John Smith”) The profile name is located as the first setting option above where it says “Starred Messages”

4. That’s it! On this screen, you will be able to view your linked phone number.

Is it the wrong phone number? Keep reading below and we will explain how to change it.

How to change my Whatsapp number? 

To change your WhatsApp number, you will again have to be on a mobile phone. To do this follow the steps below:

1. Open Whatsapp

2. Go to the “SETTINGS” option bottom right of the screen.

3. Navigate to “ACCOUNT”.

4. The 4th option down should say “CHANGE NUMBER”

5.Whatsapp will now guide you through the remaining steps. To do this you will need your new number to receive SMS messages or calls. Once done, this cannot be undone. Enter your old mobile number. If you don’t know then follows the steps above.

6. In the 2nd box enter your new number and tap Next on the top right of the screen.

From here Whatsapp will work with you to change your new number over.


    It is as easy as the above to change your number and hopefully, you will have learnt from this article the question of “What is my mobile number?”

    If you still haven’t resolved the problem you can contact Whatsapp directly by going to “Settings” > “Help” and “Contact Us”.

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