Huawei P50 May Integrate Patented Liquid Lens Technology

November 30, 2020

Huawei – a leading smartphone company: 

Huawei has been a leader in Smartphone photography for several years. The development has been prominent. To the point of speculating if they would have touched the peak of technological invention in smartphone cameras.

According to data from the Benchmark AnTuTu platform, Huawei will have an accessible liquid lens next year. The benefit of this liquid lens is that the focus speed will be quicker. And can have the same millisecond focus speed as the human eye. 

There are different types of liquid lenses, and the one used in smartphones is called the liquid di-electric lens. Which uses liquid to focus the light. And changes the shape of the liquid through different energies to modulate the image.

If Huawei’s technical solution works. This liquid lens will meet the requests of autofocus performance. And optical stabilization of the challenging market. Along with the guarantee of consistency of the engine in irregular operating conditions, such as fall.

Huawei’s power in photography will continue to develop after launching this lens. Huawei will once again control the DXOMARK scores.

Huawei P50 Specs:

· A graceful design comprises of a front glass of gorilla glass 6 as well as a ceramic back along with an aluminium frame.

· The mass of the phone is 185 grams.

· The phone is dual-SIM.

· A premium 6.22 inch OLED display

· 1080 resolution at 2340 px (with 425 PPI pixel density)

· 90 Hz refresh rate

· Screen to body ratio: 88.3%

· The new Kirin 1000 octa-core processor comes with a developing accuracy of up to 7 nanometers

· The phone comes with two models in different outlines: 8 + 128 GB, 12 + 256 GB

· The interior storage space comes from the fast and elastic UFS 3.0 model via the Nano-Memory card slot.

Huawei P50 Series may introduce a liquid Lens: 

This year’s Huawei P40 series features the largest active pixel sensor on any phone. In the P50 series next year, Huawei will provide smartphones with the liquid lens that has been gossiped about for a long time. It is worth observing that this may also be an exclusive arrangement on a certain model of the series.  


A big benefit of this technology is that it can focus, even reaching the focusing speed of the human eye.


Focus is a significant part of taking images. A quick and steady focus is an important assurance for taking clear and stunning pictures. Besides, this lens can also have imaging constancy. With the removal of extra hardware and reduced footprints brought by TOF lenses. Also, the State Intellectual Property Office of China has permitted a patent linked to Huawei’s liquid lens. The patent was filed on 25th December 2019 and permitted on 7th April 2020. The patent covers moving motors, connecting springs, limiters, liquid lenses, etc. If the liquid lens is set up on the Huawei P50 series or one of its models. The camera experience of the phone will be quite bewildering. 

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