OnePlus Nord – DXOMARK Camera Test

November 29, 2020

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The OnePlus Nord is an Android smartphone developed by OnePlus, launched on 21 July 2020. It is the first mobile in its series. It is the first moderate smartphone from OnePlus after the 2015 OnePlus X.


Android Police has proposed that the OnePlus Nord is only launching in states where low-cost phones are common. More than exclusive ones that customers can only afford through monthly salaries. There is a beta program in which OnePlus will offer fifty people in the United States and Canada an OnePlus Nord for analysis. According to the conditions, the reviewers will keep the smartphone.

Dxomark Camera Tests:

For analysis of smartphone cameras, DXOMARK engineers take and examine over 3000 trial pictures. And more than 2 and a half hours of video both in measured lab atmospheres and in natural indoor and outdoor scenes. By using the camera’s default options.

One Nord Results: 

Completing a DXOMARK Camera test with a score of 108, the OnePlus Nord makes a decent performance for a moderate smartphone camera. The OnePlus Nord established a solid Photo score of 117. With upright marks for exposure, colour, auto-focus, and texture, but bokeh and night dragged its score down.


The Nord’s Zoom scored 47. This reflects the absence of optical telelens and the ultra-wide also leaves room for progress. The video scored 92 and has good exposure as well as nice colour. Balance is effective, but the autofocus was absent.

Target exposures in photo mode are precise. But the engineers observed that the dynamic range was a bit restricted. With some snipping in both indoor and outdoor exposures, especially in perplexing shots as a daylight portrait with backlighting. About the colour, the smartphone had certain struggles with white balance.


The autofocus on the OnePlus Nord is exact both indoors and outdoors. They also observed the lack of zero shutter pauses in the lab.

Details are fresh in outdoor and indoor settings. But noise is visible in the uniform surface of colours. As the sky or grey walls. In all conditions, we can see fine luminance.


The OnePlus Nord’s performance goes downhill when it comes to the speciality areas. With low marks in the night and bokeh dragging down the Photo score. At night, exposure is on the spot when the flash clicks, but the adaptation of skin tones is strange. In vibrant scenes, exposure to backgrounds is very dim. Without flash, chroma noise rolls in and misplaces the details.



The OnePlus Nord targets to deliver some high-quality features in a more reasonable smartphone. The total score and performance in the examination show that it has for the most part met that target. It performs well over-all. The exposure and autofocus are perfect in most conditions, and details are well preserved. But it’s in the speciality areas that the device’s defects become more obvious. In low-light conditions, the performance fell in both camera and video. In the video, the OnePlus Nord lost many points for unproductive autofocus and tracking. But, it achieved well under general conditions.


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