How To Disable 10 inessential features in Windows 10 to speed up its performance

November 29, 2020

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Windows 10 is the latest version of windows which consists of many features installed in it. These services are important constituents to sustain the smooth running of your computer. However, not every feature is necessary for you. You can easily disable inessential features in Windows 10 to speed up its performance.
The services installed in windows 10 are used to promise the normal functioning of your operating system. You can keep their default settings. But, some of you may want to disable unnecessary services in Windows 10 so that your Windows 10 can run much faster than before.

How to disable unnecessary services in Windows 10: 

Before you go on to disable inessential services in Windows 10, we would advise you to create a System Restore Point and make a note of every Windows service that you are planning to disable. It may help you in the future if something goes wrong.


Many people want to disable Windows 10 services to improve their performance. In these circumstances, you should identify the services that are shown as “Automatic” because only these services are the reason that can make your Windows take a longer time to start up.
Firstly, you need to click on the Startup Type header to show the list of all automatic services. After then, you need to right-click on one service and select the “Stop” option. If you can see that there is no option such as stop after doing a right click then skip onto the next one.
However, we advise you to read the description of that particular Windows service before stopping it. As mentioned above, Windows 10 comprises abundant Microsoft services that consume entire resources and memory instantly after you start the system.


So, by disabling these unwanted services you can boost the Windows 10 performance. In addition to this, the whole process is easy and offers clear improvements. But likewise, it is also significant to only disable the services that won’t cause any issues or adverse effects on the Windows 10 operating system.

List of Services you should disable for faster performance in Windows 10

Here’s a list of unrequired services that are easy and safe to disable and will surely help in improving the speed and performance of the computer:

Windows Defender & Firewall
Windows Mobile Hotspot Service
Bluetooth Support Service
Print Spooler
Remote Desktop Configuration and Remote Desktop Services
Windows Insider Service
Secondary Logon
Downloaded Maps Manager
Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service


You can disable these features for improving the performance of your computer. There are several other services you can stop. But, we strongly commend in contradiction of playing with the Windows services you don’t know much about. It is quite dangerous to disable services that are essential to your hardware, like those related to your graphics card, etc. You must always research a given Windows service before you disable it.

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