iPhone 12 – 5 features users think it lacks!

November 24, 2020

Photo Credit: EverythingApplePro


Apple launched a series of iPhone 12 this year. 

They are slightly different in size, camera, and battery life. This may help you choose which iPhone is best for you. But all of them deliver much of the same experience.

All four models are run by the A14 system on a chip. Nonetheless, the most impressive performance advantage is the Neural Engine which now hosts 16 cores and is up to 80 per cent faster.

1. Expandable storage

iPhone users don’t have the choice to increase the storage with a micro SD card on any of its products and this one is no exception. While it may not be problematic for many, people need to think in advance about how much RAM they’ll need. The company charges a premium for more storage with the basic 64GB model costing $829, and the 256GB model costing $979.

Being able to use a micro SD card would provide endless room for storing more photos and videos. And they wouldn’t be this expensive.  


2. Fingerprint scanner

iPhone has a default Face ID scanner, which uses facial recognition to protect your phone. People had no issues with it but that is until the Covid-19 epidemic hit, now wearing face masks has become necessary when we’re out in public places. And Face ID doesn’t work with face masks so people need to type in PIN codes to access their phones. So at this point, people prefer fingerprint scanners like in many Android phones, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

3. 120Hz screen refresh rate

All the models have screen refresh rates of 60Hz, which is a dissatisfaction to many as people expected Apple to upgrade it to 120Hz. A quicker refresh rate gives a smoother look and feels to the phone when you’re using it.

Maybe, the company chose to stay with 60Hz to increase battery life as the addition of 5G makes the mobiles use more power. The great processors inside these models mean better performance with a lower refresh rate.

4. Telephoto lens

This camera can take outstanding pictures with its default wide view and with the super-wide lens. What it can’t do is zoom in with the telephoto lens like the iPhone 11 Pro while the Pro and Pro Max model have a telephoto lens that allows users to zoom in to the scene.

Does it matter? It will depend on how serious you take your photography.

5. ProRaw

Apple’s approaching ProRaw is an image set-up that uses some of the computational photography abilities of the cameras. And permits for deeper editing choices, much like a fresh image taken on a DSLR.

This feature might be a huge help for professionals editing images.

It’s a pretty feature that’ll only interest the most dedicated photographers. There is a chance that Apple could bring the feature to phones outside the Pro line but it appears more likely that they’ll reserve it as a more elite feature to validate the upgrade charge.

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